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Why Goodread Biography

Goodread Biography documents and disseminates the famous people stories, events and contributions that have impacted the world and people around the world. Our biography genres have no limitations as we cover various subjects. Our trusted and credible biographies, constantly updated, is officially the largest database of famous people biographies worldwide.

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We feature book topics in biographies, memoirs and autobiographies. This provides readers and book authors the opportunity to interact in the discussions on the best selling subject in memoirs, biographies and autobiographies books. Discover books, learn about writers, read author websites, and more.

Mission of Goodread Biography

  1. Finding credible biography information online takes time. Goodreadbiography.com makes it quicker and easier to find famous people biographies
  2. Having a worldwide online community where readers can read, review and share the world’s famous people biographies, all for free
  3. Having a platform where famous people can publish their biographies to enable people including readers to have the real and firsthand information and background about them
  4. For authors of biographies, autobiographies and or memoirs to easily advertise and publish excerpts of their original works (books) so our worldwide readers can review and share them, thus making other readers find the author’s biographies, autobiographies and or memoir
  5. Creating and having the world’s official and largest famous people biography database for readers, researchers, academicians, and other groups of people to find famous people biographies

The Biography Genres We Publish

We publish biographies of all genres including but not limited to biographies of the: Activists, Arts and Literature, Business Leaders, Entertainment Celebrity, Espionage, Fashion Famous Designers, International Organization Leaders, Lawyer & Attorney, Military, Philanthropists, Political Leaders, Religious Leaders, Royal Biography, Science and Tech Leaders, Sports Celebrity.

* NOTE: We’re always expanding our biography genres.

How We Put The Biographies Together For Publications

The following are the options for famous people biographies to be accepted for free or paid publications online on Goodreadbiography.com website and prints (Goodreadbiography magazine):

Option One (Free Publications):

  1. Each famous person can send in their personal biography for free publications
  2. We research, put together and publish the world’s famous people biographies
  3. Readers are free to submit or suggest famous people biographies

Option Two (Paid Advertisements):

  1. Authors can submit their biography, autobiography or memoir to feature on Goodread Biography. We charge a small one-time fee to publish this author’s original work on Goodreadbiography.com. The author can in addition place a link leading readers to the website or websites where their original advertised biography, autobiograpy or memoir can be purchased.

NOTE: * Readers who visit Goodreadbiography.com can leave their reviews about the author’s original biography, autobiography, or memoir published on Goodreadbiography.com. In addition, the readers can freely share online or to their friends about the author’s work published on Goodreadbiography.com as they deem necessary. Leaving Goodreadbiography.com to the author’s suggested website or websites is solely the responsibility of each reader and the author of the original biography, autobiography or memoir published on Goodreadbiography.com.

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