Duduzane Zuma Biography and Profile , son of former President of South Africa Jacob Zuma

Duduzane Zuma, businessman and philanthropist was born 20 May 1984 to Kate Mantsho and the former South African Jacob Zuma. Unfortunately, Duduzane Zuma’s mother committed suicide in 2000 when he was only sixteen. She left behind five children including Duduzane Zuma’s twin sister Duduzile Zuma.

Also, Duduzane has eighteen other siblings form his father’s side. Out of all of Zuma’s children, Duduzane Zuma is among the most popular.

Duduzane Zuma education While he was president, Jacob Zuma emphasized the need for education for a better future. As a parent, Zuma invested in his children’s future by educating them. Duduzane Zuma attended the prestigious Pretoria Boys High School. Later, he enrolled in the Nelson Mandela University School of Information and Communication Technology. After university, Duduzane had difficulties finding a job.

In 2016, Duduzane’s father reportedly said that the Guptas helped his son when he was struggling to find a place as an intern. As such, Duduzane started his career as an IT trainee in the Gupta’s companies. By 2008, Duduzane became a shareholder and Director of Mabengela Investments.

In the subsequent years, he assumed the role of Director in several other companies including JIC Mining, Sahara Computers, and Islandsites Investments 255. At the same time, Duduzane acquired shares in different companies that specialized in the mining and media sector.

In 2016, he announced that he would step down from his role at Oàkbay companies. Duduzane’s ties with the Gupta family and businesses have been the subject of most discussions. Some reports indicate that the former president influenced Duduzane’s rise to power. However, during several interviews, Duduzane has maintained that he is his own man.

Duduzame insists that his efforts (not him being the president’s son) determine Duduzane Zuma net worth. In the interview below with BBC, he confirms he is wealthy and striving for more. Away from business and politics, Duduzane is a family man. In a colorful wedding held in Durban, Duduzane solemnized his union with Shanice Stork.

Unlike her partner, Duduzane Zuma wife keeps away from the public. In 2015, Duduzane bought a luxurious apartment in Burj Khalifa Dubai. The Duduzane Zuma house cost him about 18 million Rands. The couple has been alternating between their homes in South Africa and Dubai. In July, Duduzane had to travel back to South Africa alone because his wife’s pregnancy restricted her movements.

Duduzane Zuma, central to a judicial commission of inquiry into state capture, led by Deputy Chief Justice Ray Zondo, that was announced by President Jacob Zuma. Duduzane is suspected of being the Zuma family’s proxy in the Gupta family’s business network, that benefits from massive spending by state-owned enterprises.

In the September interview, Modack acknowledged knowing Duduzane and said he “looked after” him when he was in Cape Town. Modack, during that interview, denied he was an informant for the state as many sources have insisted he is.

Modack previously confirmed knowing Duduzane and said during the September interview that, aside from nightclub security, he was involved in several private security companies and debt collection.

Julius Malema On Duduzane
Malema said Duduzane, who is in business with the controversial Gupta family accused of state capture and corruption, was not loyal to South Africa, and it was easy for him to pack up and flee the country.

The firebrand leader’s remarks got tweeps wondering whether children of other ANC struggle stalwarts who were born in exile were also unpatriotic and not so-called “proper South Africans”. Some Twitter users even questioned whether Malema was xenophobic.

“They can’t speak any of the South African vernacular languages. Duduzane is not a proper South African,” Malema said on Thursday in his interview with the internet radio station.

“They [Duduzane and Duduzile] were born in Mozambique, stayed in Swaziland and then Zimbabwe. They came to reside here [in SA] with their father.

“For Duduzane to leave the country, it’s very easy because they don’t have a history of settling in one place … Their loyalty and patriotism is not with SA, that’s why that boy could do as he wished because it’s not his country of birth, they were not born here,” he added.

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