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Emily Thornberry Early Life

Emily Thornberry, born 27 July 1960, Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury and Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Emily joined the Labour Party when she was 17, motivated by her experiences being raised by her mother, a single parent living on a council estate. She has lived in Islington for the last 27 years and was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Islington South and Finsbury on 5 May 2005. During her time as the local MP she helped over 25,000 individual constituents and has been an independent-minded voice for people in her area in Parliament.

As Shadow First Secretary of State Emily has deputised for Jeremy Corbyn in PMQ’s and in her Shadow Foreign policy brief has represented the Labour Party on various overseas visits including to the United Nations, Washington, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and across Europe.

Emily Thornberry campaigned for Remain in the 2016 Brexit referendum and been a clear voice in demanding a fresh public vote, supporting the People’s Vote campaign at their recent events.

Emily Thornberry Biography and Profile

Emily Anne Thornberry, born 27 July 1960, Guildford. When she was a child, her dad left his family behind, and they fell on hard times. A Labour councillor helped them find a house on a local council estate, and eventually persuaded Emily’s mum to run for the council herself.

It was her mum’s inspiration that turned Emily into a lifelong Labour campaigner, and she has been a member of the party since her teenage years. She failed her 11-plus, went to a secondary modern, but left school after her A-Levels and took on a series of jobs to make ends meet, from working in a care home to cleaning toilets on cross-Channel ferries.

Who is Emily Thornberry?

Emily Thornberry went to university and study law, and after qualifying as a barrister in the mid-1980s, she began her career representing striking miners, Wapping print-workers and P&O seafarers, while continuing her Labour campaigning in East London, and marching against the rise of the National Front. She met her husband, Christopher, in law school, and they have three children.

Emily first stood for election in Canterbury in 2001, increasing the Labour vote share by 5.5 percentage points to almost 37%, by far the highest the party had ever achieved in that seat, and turning the seat into a marginal. When she next stood in Islington South and Finsbury in 2005, in the wake of the Iraq War, it was the top Lib Dem target seat in the country, but Emily personally knocked on 11,800 doors and won by 484 votes.

In Parliament, she campaigned against 90-days detention, and for abortion rights in Northern Ireland, and serving in the shadow ministerial teams of Ed Miliband and Jeremy Corbyn, she has held four Shadow Cabinet positions, covering the briefs of Attorney General, Defence Secretary, Brexit Secretary and Foreign Secretary.

In her shadow ministerial roles, she has led the parliamentary fight against Universal Credit, the freeze in armed forces pay, the removal of EU funding for Britain’s deprived regions, the war in Yemen, Tory inaction on climate change and human rights, the appeasement of Donald Trump and Crown Prince Bin Salman, and the escalation of tensions with Iran.

She shadowed Boris Johnson for the entire two years he was Foreign Secretary, the only ministerial post he held before becoming Prime Minister. She has also stood in for Jeremy Corbyn five times at Wednesday sessions of PMQs.


University of Kent

Emily Thornberry Family

Parents: Cedric Thornberry, Sallie Thornberry. Spouse: Christopher Nugee.

Emily Anne Thornberry Biography and Profile

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