Emma Raducanu Biography and Profile Bio
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Emma Raducanu Biography

Bio Synopsis

Emma Raducanu was born on November 13, 2002 in Toronto, Canada to Renee and Ian Raducanu. While her mother is Chinese and her father Romanian, the tennis prodigy competes under the British flag following her move from Canada to Bromley, south London, at the age of two. Learn more about Emma Raducanu Age, Emma Raducanu Parents, Emma Raducanu School, Emma Raducanu Siblings, Emma Raducanu Latest News, Emma Raducanu Ethnicity and Emma Raducanu Instagram. Read more

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Emma Raducanu Early Life

Emma Raducanu was born on November 13, 2002 in Toronto, Canada to Renee and Ian Raducanu. While her mother is Chinese and her father Romanian, the tennis prodigy competes under the British flag following her move from Canada to Bromley, south London, at the age of two.

Growing up an only child, Raducanu’s parents pushed her into all sorts of extracurricular activities including ballet, tap dancing, karting, motocross, and golf. At the age of five, she picked up her first tennis racquet at the Bromley Tennis Centre. Raducanu’s other hobbies quickly gave way after she made the decision to fully commit to tennis.

A shy child, her parents had encouraged her to try different ­hobbies to boost her confidence. She said:

“Dad threw me into every sport you could imagine. I was doing horse- riding, swimming, tap dancing, basketball, skiing, golf, go-karting. All alongside tennis.”

And Raducanu has credited her parents for her work ethic. She said:

“They both come from very hard-working countries. They have high expectations, and I’ve always tried to live up to that.”

Raducanu, who tried a number of sports as a child including motocross, would have played more than six junior slams but for injuries and school, she has said. Nothing is holding her back now.

“Radders”, as she is known to friends, has been practising with former Wimbledon champ Garbine Muguruza.

Who is Emma Raducanu?

Emma Raducanu, born on November 13, 2002 in Toronto, Canada, is the only child. Her parents are Ian (Romanian) and Renee (Chinese). In the summer of 2021, she completed her A-level exams in Maths and English. She has a wide variety of interests in sports such as go-karting, horseriding, tap dancing, golf, skiing and basketball.

Raducanu has been full of praise for her parents. “On my mum, she’s always instilled a lot of discipline and respect for other people into me,” Raducanu said. “I think having parents like I do, they always push me. They have high expectations. I’ve always tried to live up to that. And I hope I did them proud this week.”

“London, Toronto, Bucharest, Shenyang” is what Raducanu lists in her bio on Twitter and Instagram – her hometown, her birthplace and where her parents come from. She is in touch with both sides of her heritage, and said that she ordinarily visits Bucharest twice a year with her grandma’s cooking a highlight.

Raducanu is no stranger to China either. Videos taken years apart show her playing table tennis, while another post shows her in Nanjing she was at the Chinese Tennis Academy in Nanjing in 2018.

The fan of Taiwanese television shows also speaks Mandarin and tries to visit Shenyang annually, and she trained at the Shenyang tennis school too.

Raducanu’s heritage also features in the players she listed as role models: China’s Li Na and Romania’s Simona Halep.

“I think it’s definitely helped me, the mentality that both of them bring,” Raducanu said. “They both come from very hard-working countries.”

Raducanu became the first qualifier — man or woman — to reach the semifinals with a 6-3, 6-4 victory over Olympic gold medalist Belinda Bencic. She has now won eight straight matches without dropping a set — including three in qualifying — and will face No. 17 Maria Sakkari of Greece — who dominated No. 4 Karolina Pliskova, 6-4, 6-4 — in Thursday’s semifinals.

“I’m just so, so happy to have come through and thank you so much for all of your support today.”

Emma Raducanu’s Coach Nigel Sears

Emma Raducanu, who is coached by Andy Murray’s father-in-law Nigel Sears, is no stranger to Wimbledon, having twice reached the quarter-finals as a junior. Even so, it is fair to say that the wild card’s debut in the singles draw has gone better than anyone – even her parents – could have expected.

What is Emma Raducanu’s world ranking?

Raducanu is currently ranked 150th in the world, though she is likely to break into the top 100 after the US Open. Before her brilliant effort at Wimbledon, Raducanu was ranked 338th in the world.

Raducanu only made her debut on the WTA Tour last summer.

Emma Raducanu School

Emma Raducanu sat for her final A level assessments in April this year, albeit in the new Covid-restricted conditions. She studied maths and economics at Newstead Wood, and said that her studies have helped her tennis as well. She received an A* (the highest mark possible) in maths and an A in economics.

“That school has been so supportive. They let me travel whenever I needed to or train. I’ve been with them for seven years now. To leave them it’s a bit sad. Next chapter.” Raducanu stated after her first-round win. “I think staying in school has definitely helped me in terms of having another set of friends I can come into. It was a different way of life. It’s a bit of an escape as well for me. To have another thing going alongside my tennis, it’s kept my mind occupied.”

Emma Raducanu Tennis Icons

There are two great tennis icons that inspire Raducanu’s play: Simona Halep and Li Na. More specifically, she singles out Halep’s athleticism and there is a full list for Li:

“She’s got such powerful strokes. She went for everything and also she was very athletic in a more aggressive way,” the Brit shared with the LTA.

“I loved her mentality, she never complained. That’s something I aspire to be like.”

Emma Raducanu Fans

Thanks to Raducanu’s masterful stroke play and entertaining style, the tennis sensation can count some famous faces among her fans. After her dreamlike Wimbledon campaign in July, she caught the notice of none other than astronaut Tim Peake and Oasis front man Liam Gallagher.

Brands are likely to be clambering over themselves to sign her up; with her charming post-match interview on court leaving her joking about how she never expected a second week at Wimbledon.

After her first round victory, she gained 30,000 followers on Instagram – and yesterday’s win took that to another level – she’s currently on 125,000 and rising fast.

The teenager told the adoring crowd on Saturday afternoon. ‘It’s funny because when I was packing to come into the bubble, my parents were like, “Aren’t you packing too many sets of match kit?” So I think I am going to have to do some laundry tonight.’

At her press conference, she said: ‘When I heard the crowd roar for the first time… I was just feeding off their energy.

‘I’m so excited I get to play in front of them again. It would mean a lot to me to play on Centre Court. I think that’s what everyone dreams of, especially being a Brit. I would be so grateful for that opportunity.’

Asked about the prize money, she said: ‘I think the first thing that I would do is take my team out and treat them to a meal.

‘I think they have supported me so much throughout the years. It’s not always been easy. They definitely, definitely deserve a nice meal out.’

She added: ‘Right now I’m on such a buzz and such a high.

‘I have actually received a few emails from my school teachers. My math teacher emailed me today congratulating me.

‘I’m just trying to stay here as long as possible. I’m just having such a blast.’

Emma Raducanu Age

Emma Raducanu was born on November 13, 2002.


Emma Raducanu Parents

Emma Raducanu father Ian is Romanian and her mother Renee is Chinese, both work in finance.

Emma Raducanu's Father
Emma Raducanu’s Father

Emma Raducanu Ethnicity

While Emma Raducanu mother is Chinese her father Romanian. Her dual heritage remains important to her and she’s spoken fondly of relatives across the globe, saying: ‘My grandma, Mamiya, still lives in central Bucharest. I go back a couple times a year, stay with her, see her. It’s really nice. I love the food, to be honest.

‘I mean, the food is unbelievable. And my grandma’s cooking is also something special. I do have ties to Bucharest.’

Emma Raducanu Instagram

Here’s Emma Raducanu Instagram page link https://www.instagram.com/emmaraducanu/?hl=en.

Emma Raducanu Latest News

Emma Raducanu became one of the biggest storylines at Wimbledon 2021 after reaching the fourth round as a wildcard entrant. The 18-year-old had never played in the main draw of a Grand Slam prior to this year’s Wimbledon. She scored wins over Vitalia Diatchenko, Marketa Vondrousova,and Sorana Cîrstea to become the youngest Brit to reach the fourth round at Wimbledon in the Open era, and met Alja Tomljanovic for a spot in the quarter-finals before having to retire mid-match.

Her profile is rising rapidly. She gained 30,000 new followers on Instagram after her first round victory and she is up to 150,000 following the win over Cirstea.

She only made her WTA main tour debut as a wild card at the Viking Open in Nottingham last month and went out in the first round, but a run to the quarters at the ITF 100k in the same city a week later did enough to earn her a Wimbledon wild card.

“Honestly, I just wanted to make the most out of [the wild card], try to show that I earned it, try to make the most out of it,” Raducanu said. “I’m really grateful for the All England Club’s support in taking a chance on me.”

What People Are Saying About Emma Raducanu

UK PM Boris Johnson tweeted: ‘Congratulations @EmmaRaducanu for reaching the second week at @Wimbledon and for making Championship history.’

Mr Johnson added: ‘Good luck in your match today. The country is behind you.’

Commentator and former tennis star Sue Barker said: ‘I’m going to have to pinch myself… a star is born. She’s just so charming on the court – but it was the fierce match play that impressed me the most. That smile will be on the front page of every newspaper, I can guarantee it – it feels like the future of British tennis is great again.’

Alan Blount, headteacher of Newstead School, said she was ‘in the zone’ and ‘loving every minute’ of the tournament.

‘Emma has been with us since year seven when she was 11 years old and she’s always been tipped for great things,’ Mr Blount told the PA news agency.

‘Obviously you can’t look into the future and you don’t know if it is going to come good, but we knew she was heading for great things.

‘If everything was right she was going to be the next big thing and look, here she is.’

Her PE teacher Sarah Eells, said it was ‘very emotional’ watching Raducanu ‘achieve her dream’ and that the teenager was a ‘role model and an inspiration’ to other pupils.

‘I’m so proud and it’s very emotional how we feel just seeing her achieve her dream and show her skill,’ she said.

‘She fully deserves it and her hard work is paying off.

‘Her mindset is so strong and she is very focused and determined. I believe she has all the qualities of an elite sportswoman.

‘I 100% think she is made for this and she will go all the way.

‘The shots that she’s pulling off are just outstanding. How she’s finished them off and coped with the pressure is incredible.

‘I’m quite blown away with what she is achieving but it shows her character on court… but that’s just her as a person.

‘No drama or ego, she’s just very hard-working and dedicated.

‘She’s an absolute role model and inspiration. The buzz that we’ve got that’s going on for the students, the staff and the past students is amazing.’

Mr Blount said her passion for the sport had been allowed ‘to shine through’ and that her conduct was similar on and off the court.

‘She’s showing all of the traits we’ve seen in the last seven years on the tennis court that we’ve seen in the classroom,’ he said.

‘She’s conducting herself really well, she’s in the zone, she’s performing brilliantly and she’s got the mental mindset that she needs to go all the way.

‘The biggest thing for us is that she’s loving every minute and that passion is shining through.’

The teenager recently told the Evening Standard newspaper she would choose getting to the next stage of the world-famous tennis tournament over getting A-star grades in her A-levels.

But Mr Blount said: ‘We’ve got every confidence that she can do both, this isn’t an either/or.’

He added that multiple screens had been set up at the school for the match on Monday afternoon and children were being allowed to watch Raducanu play in their classrooms.

‘It’s really nice to be part of that excitement and we’re all behind her,’ he said.

‘The sun is shining, the students are in really good spirits and it’s a really nice boost at the end of term.’

Emma’s maths teacher Sarah Sword, 48, who emailed her after her victory against world number 45 Sorana Cirstea on Saturday, said: ‘She’s a really talented mathematician, she’s a really talented student. She’s very active in class in terms of participating in the lessons, asking questions, answering questions – and she has a very sharp mind. She is going to do brilliantly in her exams. There’s no doubt in my mind.

‘She has managed this amazing balance between her studies and pursuing her passion for tennis. She’s simply lovely.’

The rising star is coached by Murray’s father-in-law Nigel Sears, who said she was ‘born to play tennis’, adding: ‘I knew she was exceptional the first time I saw her.’

Emma Raducanu Biography and Profiles
Emma Raducanu

Emma Raducanu Biography and Profile

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