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Idrissa Seck, born August 9, 1959, is a Senegalese politician born on 9 August 1959 in Thies. He is a former Prime Minister, the former mayor of Thiès and the current president of the County Council of Thiès.

After having studied at the Koranic school, Idrissa Seck joined the Randoulène Sud 2 school in Thiès where he completed his primary school and then the Saint-Gabriel secondary school in Thiès for his secondary school. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in 1981.

As a bursary student, he joined the preparatory class at the École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Paris (HEC) at the Lycée Marcelin-Berthelot in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France, and in 1983, Sciences Po, in the Economics and Finance section.

In 1989, he benefited from the Parvin Fellowship Scholarship Program at Princeton University in the United States. At Princeton, he is a student at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

In 1988, Idrissa Seck was appointed director of the presidential campaign of Abdoulaye Wade, candidate of the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS).

In 1995, he joined the national unity government of Habib Thiam on behalf of the PDS as Minister of Commerce, Handicrafts and Industrialization.

He rubbed shoulders with his party comrades Abdoulaye Wade, Minister of State, and Ousmane Ngom, Minister of Health.

In 2000, Idrissa Seck is director of the PDS candidate campaign. Abdoulaye Wade is elected President and Idrissa Seck is appointed Minister of State, Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic. He held this position until November 3, 2002, when he was appointed Prime Minister to replace Mame Madior Boye.

I have an experience, proven in the management of the business public of my country. I was Minister, Minister of State Director of Cabinet of the President of the Republic and Prime Minister of Senegal.

At the decentralized level, I was Mayor and Chairman of the County Council. I practiced the institutions ofinside. They operate not by way optimal.

For empiricism pragmatic, I think I have the proposals relevant to the reform and put more on stage with our needs for a better governance democratic.

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