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Jimmy Donaldson Biography

Bio Synopsis

MrBeast: In a recent video titled, “I Gave $500,000 To Random People,” Drake’s song “God’s Plan” plays over a montage of previous videos of Jimmy throwing out hundreds of dollars to strangers. He gave 3 million pennies ($30,000) to his 3 millionth subscriber, over tipped his cab drivers, and more. In one video he dropped $20,000 out of a drone. Read more

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Jimmy Donaldson Early Life.

If you’re curious how such a young man obtained such a large amount of cash, Jimmy Donaldson only occasionally donates his own money. For most of his videos he acts as a social-media Robin Hood, donating the money he receives from brand deals.

While giving away such large amounts of cash is undoubtedly noble, he doesn’t give away all his profits. Donaldson relies on viral giveaway campaigns to generate more interest from brands and create viral videos. His channel is consistently growing, and he’s considered one of the top creators working today.

Mr Beast Biography

Jimmy Donaldson born May 7, 1998, popularly known as MrBeast, is an American a rising star on YouTuber notable for his expensive stunts and philanthropy. The truly amazing thing about him is that his channel is quite unique. This is a very difficult thing to do on YouTube, a platform where you have countless people creating works of art across varying fields, genres and traditions.

MrBeast is also the co-creator of Team Trees, which is a fundraiser for the Arbor Day Foundation.

Hard work first as we can see MrBeast at first when he started at the age of 13 He wasn’t really rich. People are called rich by the measure of how big their heart is not by the count of how large their bank balance is.

He started by making Minecraft videos & Continued to make gaming & some mixed content for the first 5 years. He used to get only a couple thousand views on his videos for the first 5–6 years. But He didn’t stop and he was dedicated to what he was doing, continued to creating content for his viewers.

Even tho he was barely making any revenue for himself. And Giving back to the people comes way later. But He managed to overcome the hardship and passed the road of fires in 2017 with his hard work and dedication.

Then he gets the recognization and the audience he deserved. Thousands of doors of new paths and opportunity was open for him because of his hard work. It was on him to choose the best door.

What MrBeast does is different, however, and the fact of the matter is that it is turning him into a literal YouTube star. You’ll be surprised at what he does, because what he does is give away money!

Jimmy Donaldson Generosity

Jimmy explained his generosity. “I genuinely enjoy helping people. It’s something I’ve had an issue with, I’m that much of a nice guy,” he says. “I don’t know why, and I’m not just saying this to look good, I’ve just always been a really nice guy.”

Jimmy Donaldson Generosity, Mr Beast
Jimmy Donaldson (Mr Beast) Generosity

It all started with the first sponsored video that he got. Starting out as a game channel, MrBeast was able to make some headway in the world of YouTube and get a few people to start watching him.

This made a brand seek him out and offer him $10,000 to sponsor one of his episodes. Once he got the money, instead of spending it himself he decided to do something wild: go out and give it to the first homeless person he saw. Once he did this, he instantly went viral.

“If you want the special secret, if you want to know where it all came from, my parents aren’t that rich, every dollar I’ve ever made came from YouTube, and YouTube just pays better than you think,” Donaldson said.

Donaldson explains in his video that after giving away $10,000 to a homeless man for his first major sponsored act of philanthropy, he realized he liked helping people, so he continued doing it.

But Donaldson also realized something else: the bigger his giveaways became, and the more extravagant his method of delivering donations seemed, the faster his channel grew.

Donaldson went from having a relatively small channel to amassing more than 5 million subscribers. His videos regularly boast more than 10 million views after just a few weeks. The result, as Donaldson says at the end of this video, is a sizable paycheck.

This lead to a cycle that involved him getting bigger and bigger sponsorships. The more money he gave away, the bigger he got.

He regularly gets millions of views on his videos, so the ad revenue from Google AdSense alone is enough to sustain him even if he gives away all of his sponsor money. That being said, the sponsorships he gets are probably so valuable now that ten thousand dollars doesn’t seem like all that much!

By this point MrBeast has given away over a million dollars. He is making random people very happy and helping a lot of people out, and he is earning good money in the process. That seems like a match made in heaven!

Giving away money earned Donaldson the title as “YouTube’s biggest philanthropist,” but every giveaway video comes with an equally impressive return on investment. It’s something that Donaldson has acknowledged in previous videos.

Jimmy Donaldson: “Giving my mom $100,000”

One video in particular, titled “Giving my mom $100,000,” includes a back-and-forth conversation with his mother about the donation. While she refuses the gift at first, he explains that he needs to give the money away, a combination of sponsorship cash and his own personal earnings — to keep his channel going.

Mr Beast “Giving My Mom $100,000”
Mr Beast: “Giving My Mom $100,000”

“If I don’t give it to you, I don’t have a viral video,” Donaldson confesses.

“So, you’re using me for views?” his mother responds.

“Yes, but you get money too, so we’re both happy,” Donaldson says.

It’s difficult to estimate just how much Donaldson is making from AdSense because the average CPM (cost per mille) for YouTube creators, which refers to how much they make per 1,000 views on a video, differs.

However, considering Donaldson regularly amasses more than 10 million views on his videos, and doesn’t usually publish content that YouTube would have to demonetize to appease advertisers’ concerns, it’s safe to assume that Donaldson is making relatively good money from AdSense alone.

Mr Beast: “I Gave $500,000 To Random People”

In a recent video titled, “I Gave $500,000 To Random People,” Drake’s song “God’s Plan” plays over a montage of previous videos of Jimmy throwing out hundreds of dollars to strangers. He gave 3 million pennies ($30,000) to his 3 millionth subscriber, over tipped his cab drivers, and more. In one video he dropped $20,000 out of a drone.

“My new thing when I am feeling down is to watch a MrBeast video and just see the pure joy on peoples faces when someone is nice for no reason, which in turn makes me feel better about the world in general,” one fan tweeted. “MrBeast videos are the best dumb videos I’ve ever seen,” said another.

Jimmy Donaldson Fans

Jimmy is beloved by many in the YouTube community. When a kid who worked for Jimmy as a contract video editor for a week accused him of faking portions of his videos, many other YouTubers defended him, calling the accusations baseless. Before they were made aware of his comments, two YouTubers told me they considered Jimmy to be kind, humble, and earnest.

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