Kaitlin Bennett Biography and Profile, American Gun Rights Advocate, American Anti-Abortion Activist, American Social Media Personality
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Kaitlin Bennett Biography

Bio Synopsis

Kaitlin Bennett, born 15 October 1995, is an American gun rights advocate, anti-abortion activist, and social media personality. Kaitlin Bennett doesn’t support any form of gun regulation. “A lot of millennial gun control advocates come from a place of emotion,” Bennett said. “They want people to stop dying from guns, and I agree with that. However, they just let their emotions override their logic.” Here’s Kaitlin Bennett Biography and Profile. Read more

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Kaitlin Bennett Early Life

Kaitlin Bennett, born 15 October 1995, is an American gun rights advocate, anti-abortion activist, and social media personality. Bennett received media attention in 2018 for open-carrying an AR-10 rifle at Kent State University after graduating. Everyone knows Kaitlin Bennett as the girl who rose to fame by wearing an AR-15 across her back in her viral graduation picture at Kent State University. Activist Kaitlin Bennett, also known as the Kent State Gun Girl, became the grassroots director of the Liberty Hangout movement. She promotes the message of peace and prosperity all while supporting students’ rights to carry guns on campus. She created the libertarian media outlet Young Jeffersonians in February 2015. She found her biggest social media fan base on Twitter where she’s acquired over 210,000 followers. She announced her engagement to Justin Moldow in February 2019. She shared an Instagram photo with radio host Alex Jones in December 2018.

Bennett is from Zanesville, a city in Muskingum County Ohio, roughly 50 miles east of Columbus. She comes from a family of Republicans and supporters of President Donald Trump. Bennett, however, does not consider herself to be a Republican, but rather a libertarian-conservative, which she defines as being anti-war, anti-drug war and pro-life; she favors a small government, a small military, and believes that taxation is theft.

Kaitlin Bennett Biography and Profile

Born 15 October 1995, Kaitlin Bennett is a graduate of Kent State University, where she studied biology and was the founder of her college’s Liberty Hangout chapter. An outspoken conservative activist, Kaitlin has become a viral sensation and face of the gun rights movement after her graduation photos with an AR-10 went viral. Kaitlin has been featured on Fox and Friends, CBS, NBC, the Washington Post, BBC, and other outlets across the world to discuss her activism to legalize campus carry in the US. She has been contacted by state representatives and members of the US Congress to work on campus carry legislation, and has been asked to speak at gun rallies across the country.

A fierce proponent of the 2nd amendment, Kaitlin has no apologies for her activism and is the Grassroots Director of Liberty Hangout, helping bring Liberty Hangout chapters to universities across the United States. Kaitlin has mastered the art of going viral, and seeks to empower libertarians and conservatives to have the same voice as her on campus, and on social media.

She graduated from KSU this past May with a degree in biology, but conservative politics and gun rights are her passion. Bennett never wished to change her major to something like political science because she loved the selection of biological science classes that KSU offered, and she had no desire of becoming a politician or running for public office in the future.

When she arrived at KSU, Bennett regularly witnessed people protesting Trump; she read banners putting down conservatives, and heard “leftist” talking points that she disagreed with. Teachers hung up signs in their offices calling for students to resist the Trump administration, which she felt was crazy. These instances motivated her to become involved in political organizations on campus.

“I started being that conservative voice to push back and kind of say ‘we’re (conservatives) here and we don’t agree with your viewpoints and we want to express ourselves,’” Bennett said.

Kaitlin Bennett Biography and Profile, American Gun Rights Advocate, American Anti-Abortion Activist

She referred to her opposition as “leftists,” which she defines as those who are “more radical” than traditional liberals. They support a state-mandated economic system and suppression of free speech, but don’t support gun rights, Bennett said.

Kaitlin Bennett Education

In May 2018, Bennett graduated with a degree in biology from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. Bennett became engaged in 2019. On her graduation day she posed with an AR-10 rifle on the campus. The campus rules prohibited staff, professors and students to have deathly weapons on campus. However, guests and visitors were allowed to carry weapons.

“Now that I graduated from @KentState, I can finally arm myself on campus. I should have been able to do so as a student- especially since 4 unarmed students were shot and killed by the government on this campus.” – Kaitlin Bennett.

Kaitlin Bennett the gun rights advocate

Kaitlin Bennett doesn’t support any form of gun regulation. “A lot of millennial gun control advocates come from a place of emotion,” Bennett said. “They want people to stop dying from guns, and I agree with that. However, they just let their emotions override their logic.”

Bennett didn’t grow up with guns and didn’t become involved with them until she came to KSU, but respects them as tools. She has always supported the Second Amendment.

“I have 100 percent always believed that our Second Amendment protects all of the other (rights) we have,” Bennett said.

Kaitlin Bennett Biography and Profile, American Gun Rights Advocate

She cited David Hogg, a survivor of the Parkland school shooting and gun control activist, as an inspiration.

“As soon as he came into the spotlight and started organizing young people to march in the streets and demand gun control and lie about gun rights and gun owners, I decided that I wanted to be the opposite of that,” Bennett said.

Kaitlin Bennett fled hundreds of protesters at Ohio University

Kaitlin Bennett is a young gun rights activist who has achieved infamy on social media for being known as ‘gun girl’ after posing with an assault rifle following her graduation from Kent State University. She has since gone on to become something of a millennial right-wing figurehead and has even launched her own platform and video series called Liberty Hangout, where she asks people illogical questions about subjects she has little understanding of, such as trans rights.

Kaitlin Bennett was chased off the Ohio University campus by a large group of protesters when she made an impromptu appearance, according to reports. Kaitlin Bennett presence was not welcome, leading to raucous scenes on the campus. In two videos shared by Bennett on Twitter, she claims that the students at the university started a riot and splashed her with water and called on Donald Trump to stop funding universities that ‘harbor terrorists’.

According to report by Athens Post protestors yelled at Bennett, stuck their middle fingers up at her and sprayed her with water, although some did hug her. In a statement released by Ohio University Police, they said that although there was strong language and “allegations that some unknown person(s) in the crowd splashed with water”, there was no riot, a statement that Bennett later accused them of lying about.

Videos of those in attendance show that Bennett was literally followed around the campus by hundreds of students who were happily mocking her with profanities and jokes about her bowel movements and wishing for her to leave the premises. Talking to Athens News, Liam McSteen, who is a sophomore at the university accused Bennett of attention-seeking. “I kind of feel like she just came here to get this reaction. I think it’s just kind of attention-seeking behavior. I don’t know if she thinks she’s going to change anyone’s mind out here.” Bennett’s videos have since appeared on several prominent conservative commentators Twitter accounts.

On Twitter, Bennett claimed the appearance resulted in a “riot.” She also criticized Ohio University police, saying officers “let it happen,” and suggested President Donald Trump should strip funding from universities that “harbor terrorists.”

“It seems like the most liberal college in Ohio is also the most intolerant, the most disgusting, and the most horrific when it comes to diversity of opinion, and that’s what we’re showing here today,” Bennett said, according to the News. Bennett and her crew were on the campus less than two hours.

Bennett believes that she is in a “political minority” in her generation and on college campuses when it comes to her opinions on gun laws. The goal of the walk is to change students opinions in favor of less gun control at the hands the government, Bennett said.

Kaitlin Bennett Unapologetic carrying a rifle on campus

A Kent State University graduate is not apologizing for posting graduation photos of herself carrying a rifle on campus. Kaitlin Bennett tweeted that she could “arm herself” now that she was a graduate. Along with the AR-10 rifle, the photo shows a mortar board with the words: “Come and take it.” The school prohibits students, faculty, and staff from carrying “deadly weapons.”

Kaitlin Bennett, American Gun Rights Advocate
Kaitlin Bennett, American Gun Rights Advocate

Bennett said she should have been able to carry the weapon as a student “especially since 4 unarmed students were shot and killed by the government.” That was a reference to Ohio National Guardsmen killing four students and wounding nine others at the school during a Vietnam War protest in 1970. University spokesman Eric Mansfield tells WJW-TV Bennett notified the school that she was going to have the photos taken.

Kaitlin Bennett Quotes

“I’ve been contacted by the FBI 4 times for credible threats against my life. I’ve received millions of death threats the last two years. I’ve been assaulted numerous times and rioted against twice. But nothing the left does will make me go away. Their hatred makes me stronger.”

“People hate me because their phones tell them to. They have the emotional temperament of children and act worse than 5 year olds all because they believe everything they see on a screen. It’s both really sad and incredible at the same time.”

“I will absolutely be returning to @ohiou’s campus again, and next time I’ll bring an army of gun owners for an open carry walk through campus. You can’t keep us away and you can’t keep us silent. Just like Donald Trump, we will always win.”

Kaitlin Bennett American Gun Rights Advocate
Kaitlin Bennett American Gun Rights Advocate

Justin Moldow Biography

Justin is a graduate of Manhattan College, where he earned a BS in Marketing, and graduated at the top of his class with Magna Cum Laude honors. Justin’s academic achievements earned him ranks in the Mu Kappa Tau National Marketing Honors Society, as well as the Honor Society of Epsilon Sigma Pi. He is an ardent student of commerce and was the president of his school’s Entrepreneurship Club, as well as a founding father of Young Americans for Liberty at Manhattan College.

Justin founded Liberty Hangout in February of 2015 as Young Jeffersonians, and utilized his marketing prowess to both network with prominent organizations and grow the site into a recognizable brand in the liberty movement. A man proud of his Italian, Spanish, and Jewish descent, Justin holds firm to values of his ancestors. He is an avid proponent of libertarian thought, as well as Austrian economics, and is a steadfast defender of liberty. Born and raised a Catholic, Justin’s politics are guided by his faith in Christ.

Kaitlin Bennett Spouse

Kaitlin Bennett announced her engagement to Justin Moldow in February 2019.

Kaitlin Bennett and Justin Moldow
Kaitlin Bennett and Justin Moldow

Kaitlin Bennett Biography and Profile

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