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Linda Ejiofor Early Life

Linda Ejiofor (Linda Ihuoma Ejiofor), born 17 July 1986, is a Nigerian actress and model known for her role as Bimpe Adekoya in M-Net’s TV series Tinsel. She was nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards for her role in the film The Meeting.

Linda Ejiofor Biography and Profile

Acting Career and Nollywood

First of all, I studied Sociology in University of Port Harcourt and I never saw myself as a doctor, lawyer or any other career because back then I was already a model. I wanted to work in an advertising agency. I saw myself being creative. I saw what a commercial looks like. It was because they have the money, I have the face and I love the creativity that advertising stands for.

Before I entered the University of Port-Harcourt, River State to study Sociology, I had done a diploma course in Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State. I think I was at the University of Ibadan for about three months. However, when I was getting into the groove and enjoying it, my father pulled me out. He said, ‘No daughter of mine will go into acting’. You know, if God has a plan for you, His plan will always set the motion. So, here I am as an actress again with his full support and I have made him proud.

I was modeling part time after I finished school and a friend of mine told me about the M-Net audition, which I went for, auditioned and I landed the role Bimpe Adekoye in 2008.

At first, I hated the character, the role and everything about her because she was just dumb. When I read my script and saw all the stupid things she had to do and the stupid questions she asked, I just concluded that she was dumb and sarcastic. She was supposed to know the answers to the questions, but she never got it. So, I was always complaining to the director. But the writer kept telling me to enjoy the character. He would say the only way to love the character is to enjoy the character; and before I knew it, I started enjoying the character. So, I had to go and watch a lot of dumb movies like Legally Blonde. At a point, I had to go and watch Devil Wears Prada because I had to be Brenda’s P.A. I had to research on how to be like these people.

Ever since then, I have been Bimpe Adekoye on Tinsel. And two years later, Mildred Okwo was watching Tinsel, saw me, and called me for a role in the award winning movie ‘The Meeting’.

So I went, did the audition, did the reading, I ran as fast as I could and I landed the role Ejura in the meeting. And after that, several other movies have been coming in, that’s how I started. I will say you don’t get to do some certain things. Like, you can’t wear flat shoes or flat slippers to an event. Even when you wear heels, you can’t take it off.

You can’t go to some certain place, you can’t wear some certain things, you can’t fly bike (though some people do that). Basically your life isn’t yours anymore, you have decided that you want the public to see you. You just can’t have your privacy.

There are challenges like script; we have seen so very bad script. There are some bad scripts that you would bring to an actor and he or she will refuse, because they don’t want to be associated with such work. Directing is improving, lighting, we see some movies being shown in the cinema, so I think the most challenge we have in the industry right now is script. And also casting.

Presently, I will like act two or three people at the same time. Yes, it is not easy, but it’s something I will love to play because I think being good is overrated. Too many people are playing good roles; so, I want to do something else.

My Fans

Well, I would love to say that I was brought up well by my parents. I don’t feel too big because without my fans I won’t be recognized. I smile whenever people call me by my name or character name, I talk to them, take pictures if necessary, take pictures with their kids. I would love to say that I handle it pretty well.

High and Low Times in Acting

The high time in my career was ‘The meeting’. The movie gave me the breakthrough after Tinsel. My low times, I cannot remember because my high times always surpass the low times. I don’t even remember the low times.

I always remember the family that I come from. I think ‘would they be proud of me if I do this’. So even if bad publicity is also publicity, I just don’t want it attached to my name.

What I like

The first person that comes to mind is Rita Dominic. I love her style. I just love how she places her style together. Another person is Ini Dima-Okojie, she is so gorgeous and then of course, my friend, Adesua Etomi-Wellington and myself.

I love Eba. I Love to sleep than to go out. I would prefer snickers to heels anytime, any day. I am kind of shy. People find it hard to believe. I am Nigerian and not white. My father and Mother are from Abia State, so I am not mixed in any way. I am proudly Ibo.

Linda Ejiofor Quick Facts

  • Nollywood model and actress, Linda Ejiofor was born as Linda Ihuoma Ejiofor on 17 July 1986 in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • She is the second of five children. She is best known for her role as Bimpe Adekoya in the M-NET TV Series, Tinsel.
  • She was listed among the 10 fastest rising Nollywood stars of 2013 by The Sun Nigeria.
  • She is a descent of Isuikwuato in Abia State, Nigeria.
  • She completed her primary education at Ilabor Primary School in Surulere.
  • She furthered her studies at Federal Government Girls’ College, Onitsha and studied sociology at the University of Port Harcourt.
  • She initially wanted to work for an advertising agency before pursuing her acting career.
  • She starred in the 2012 Nigerian romantic comedy drama film titled “The Meeting” which featured Rita Dominic and Mildred. She was later nominated for Best Actress in a supporting role at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards for her role in the film.
  • She mentioned in an interview that she is fond of acting and enjoys every role that she is given to play.
  • She has been nominated for various awards including; Best Rising Star Female award at the 2013 Nollywood Movies Awards and also for TV Actress of the Year award at the 2014 ELOY Awards.
  • She has worked with prominent entertainment stars like Rita Dominic, OC Ukeje, Tope Tedela, Beverly Naya and Bimbo Akintola to mention a few.
  • She mentioned in an interview that one of her plans is to direct a film in the future.

Future Acting Roles

I am glad that I was able to break out from TV to the movies. I am hoping that I get more challenging roles. Not just the normal roles. True, no role is normal, but I want roles I haven’t done before. I want something more challenging; something that will set me apart, that will get me more recognition, not just locally, but also internationally. That is my focus right now. Challenging roles.

I want to be featured in an action film. Directors like Eric are doing well in the action movie section. I want to kick and shoot in my next movie. Also, I’d love to play a psychotic patient, someone who has multiple personality disorder. Those kinds of roles are challenging because you have to come out of your comfort zone to do them.


Linda Ejiofor is also an avid traveller

How Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman Fell in Love

Linda Ejiofor has revealed how she met and fell in love with Ibrahim Suleiman, her husband. According to Linda Ejiofor, the duo had been friends for years before they decided to take the relationship to a next level after sharing a closer relationship on the set of Tinsel in 2016.

In her words; “Ibrahim and I have been friends for a few years now, but it was not until after his mum passed away in June 2016 that we really started to bond. He was in a really dark place and was ready to throw in the towel and move back to Abuja so he could be closer to his siblings.

“I (along with a few members of his inner circle) was able to convince him to stay in Lagos.He accepted a job as an Architect with a design and build firm, while working towards his first solo exhibition as an artist.

“In November 2016, I, Harry Dorgu, and Adesua Wellington talked him into showing up for a reading for a role on Africa Magic’s TINSEL. Prior to this, he had never acted a scene in his life, so it was quite a coin toss for him.

“The audition went well and he landed the role of Damini White, a character who is Bimpe Adekoya’s boss who becomes her onscreen lover.Over the next 13 months, we had to see each other on set 3-5 times a week and then our friendship grew stronger. Ibrahim developed feelings soon after but was hesitant as he didn’t want to risk losing me as his closest friend if the relationship didn’t work out.

“Eventually, he squared up and told me how he felt. Turns out the feeling was mutual and we both started dating quietly, with only their siblings, very close friends and a couple of colleagues in the know.”

Ibrahim Onimisi-Suleiman Biography and Profile, Ibrahim Suleiman with wife Linda Ejiofor
Ibrahim Suleiman with wife Linda Ejiofor

Linda Ejiofor-Suleiman Biography and Profile

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