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Maria Isabel Rodriguez Early Life

Maria Isabel Rodriguez (Marisabel Rodríguez Oropeza), First Lady of Venezuela, born 23 November 1964, is a Venezuelan journalist, publicist and radio announcer. She is best known for having been the second wife of former Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez.

Maria Isabel Rodriguez Biography and Profile

Marisabel Rodríguez de Chavez (Maria Isabel Rodriguez), born born 23 November 1964, an announcer and radio producer. She produced a magazine for children, “El Club de los Exploradores”. She has anchored for television stations including Telecentro and Niños Cantores Televisión in her hometown of Barquisimeto. She has also produced the informative radio program “Líder en la Noticia”.

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For almost two decades, Marisabel has been working in the area of social communications, especially public relations and as editor of the social section of El Impulso, one of the most important journals in midwest Venezuela.


In 1999, Maria Isabel Rodriguez was elected a member of the 1999 Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, in the process which wrote the present Constitution of Venezuela. She was elected with the second highest margin in the elections. She was then elected president of the Constituent Social Rights Commission and president of the Fundación del Niño, a state-funded foundation that works helping and supporting children throughout the country.

Fiercest Critics

Rodriguez, an attractive blonde former television anchor, emerged as one of her ex-husband’s fiercest critics. Mrs Rodriguez played a key role in opposing her former husband’s proposed president-for-life constitutional reforms last December, contributing to his embarrassing and unexpected defeat in the referendum.

Mr Chavez filed a lawsuit for better visitation rights to see their daughter Rosines. But he dropped the battle after Mrs Rodriguez accused him of harassment and made him look like a selfish father using their child as a pawn in a messy family dispute.

Barquisimeto’s outgoing mayor, Henry Falcon, a Chavez ally stepped down to run for provincial governor. The polls suggested that either opposition contender – Mrs Rodriguez or Alfredo Ramos – would defeat the pro-Chavez candidate, Amalia Saez. But if they splitted the vote, Mrs Saez could hold the city for the president’s side.

Hugo Chavez Biography

Mrs Rodriguez is gained much of her support from female voters. When she arrived in the slum of El Bombonal, a gritty neighbourhood of narrow streets and simple buildings located next to a highway, women and children flooded the street.

She demonstrated a natural touch as she entered homes and chatted with women about their lives. About 225 miles southwest of the capital Caracas, Barquisimeto may be a city of a million people but in many ways it felt like a small provincial town.

In this neglected neighbourhood, Mrs Rodriguez, despite her fame, considered not a celebrity, but one of their own. “She has gone through what we have gone through,” said Guillermina Barrios, 45, who works as a restaurant cook. “She has suffered emotionally.”

Mrs Rodriguez married Mr Chavez in 1997 during the heat of a presidential campaign and served as a member of the constituent assembly.

Maria Isabel Rodriguez Family

Her first marriage was to Allessandro Lanaro Pérezone, with whom she had a son. She married Hugo Chavez in 1997. They had one daughter together, Rosines. In 2004 she and Chávez officially divorced, after 2 years of separation. In 2007, she publicly denounced the constitutional reforms proposed by Chávez. She divorced her third husband in 2009, Félix Lisandro García, a tennis instructor.

Spouse: Hugo Chávez (m. 1997–2004), Allessandro Perez. Children: Rosinés Chavez Rodriguez. Parents: María del Carmen Oropeza, Vicente Rodríguez.

Marisabel Rodríguez de Chavez Biography and Profile

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