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Michelle Mone Early Life

Michelle Mone (Michelle Georgina Mone) was born on 8 October 1971. As one of the United Kingdom’s most celebrated Entrepreneurs, Lady Michelle Mone is a shining example of how flair and true grit can lead to global success. Highly respected for her direct, no-nonsense approach, she has gone from humble bra-designer (as the Founder of Ultimo Lingerie), to global entrepreneur with ventures reaching as wide as interiors, jewellery, property, tech and more. This impressive portfolio has led to Lady Mone being firmly cemented as one of the world’s most in-demand public speakers.

Her success was formally recognised when she was awarded the role of Start-Up Business Tsar by former Prime Minister David Cameron in 2015. In the same year, she was appointed a life time peerage as a Baroness in the House of Lords.

Despite growing up in the East End of Glasgow with few resources and leaving school at just 15 with no qualifications, Lady Mone shows that no matter where you come from, you can become anything you want to be. Her journey to the top is truly one-of-a-kind.

“I live my life by one simple rule; work hard, play hard and always give something back.”

Michelle Mone Biography and Profile

Michelle Mone (Michelle Georgina Mone) was born on 8 October 1971. As one of the United Kingdom’s most celebrated Entrepreneurs, Lady Michelle Mone is a shining example of how flair and true grit can lead to global success.


Recognised as one of the UK’s most renowned entrepreneurs, Lady Michelle Mone has turned her impressive business acumen to a wide range of sectors, from lingerie to interiors, jewellery to property, tech to speaking.

Growing up in the East End of Glasgow, Michelle encountered both personal and economic struggle from a young age. At 15, her father fell ill and became bound to a wheelchair. With the family struggling to cope financially, Michelle was forced to leave school without any qualifications in search of full-time employment. However, her innate instinct for entrepreneurship saw her quickly begin to make her mark. At the age of 22, Michelle became the youngest ever Head of Sales and Marketing for Labatts Brewers. However, this high swiftly turned into a low when the company re-organised and Michelle was made redundant two years later.

lightbulb moment

It was a mere six weeks later that Michelle had a ‘lightbulb moment’ that would change her life forever. She was at a dinner dance event and had opted to wear an uncomfortable cleavage-enhancing bra. Through the discomfort, it dawned on her that there was a gap in the market for a better product. She didn’t need to invent the wheel, she just needed to make something that women would feel amazing in. It was here that the idea for the world famous Ultimo bra was born.

Ultimo Lingerie

As the Founder of Ultimo Lingerie, Michelle took the brand from zero to hero, transforming it from an initial idea and concept into one of the UK’s leading lingerie lines for over two decades. Having captivated press and consumers alike, Michelle went on to sell the company to lingerie giants, MAS Holdings – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of intimates.

World Young Business Achiever Award

Awards swiftly followed this success, with Michelle winning the World Young Business Achiever Award in Florida, alongside Business Woman of the Year at the Corporate Elite Awards in London. In addition, she was invited to join the Board of Directors for The Prince’s Trust.

In 2015, she was given Peerage making her a Baroness in the House of Lords for life. In addition to this, she was appointed Start-Up Business Tsar by former Prime Minister David Cameron and former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith to conduct The Mone Review; an insight into helping start-up businesses in deprived areas.


In recent years, Michelle has gone on to launch a best-selling jewellery line with QVC, an interior styling business, property ventures in Dubai and even cryptocurrency, alongside sitting on the board of numerous companies poised for success.

With new ventures consistently on the horizon, Michelle shows no sign of slowing down in the business world!


Lady Michelle Mone built her multi million-pound lingerie business from the ground up, earning respect and admiration for the success it became and the innovations it led. Her new ventures have since brought in a whole new sector of fans and her profile has fast become one of the most enticing.

Michelle’s story from both a personal and professional perspective is a true inspiration to all generations. Overcoming a difficult childhood and a turbulent private life along the way, Michelle has consistently turned hardship into triumph. Her rags to riches tale, combined with her no nonsense, practical and honest business advice has made Michelle one of the most sought-after speakers.

Over the past decade, Lady Mone has spoken at some of the most prestigious events around the globe. As one of the best motivational speakers in the world, Michelle has fast become a choice keynote, expanding on a variety of topics in business and beyond. To date, she has been heard by and inspired more than 1 million people around the globe.

Michelle has the power to motivate, inspire and teach individuals on how they can improve not only their businesses, but their lives.

Key areas of focus are Business success, Entrepreneurship and start ups, Motivation, Leadership. Female empowerment, The power of marketing and PR, Overcoming life hurdles, Stating from the bottom, Diversifying your career, Work/Life balance and Dressing for success.


In October 2005, Michelle attended a speaking event with former US President Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev, which led to her involvement in setting up the Women’s Enterprise Project in the Middle East in support of The Sultan of Oman. It was at this point that Michelle realised her experience and wisdom could transform lives and inspire others in the face of adversity.

Since then Michelle has gone on to become one of the world’s most coveted speakers, having presented to audiences totalling more than 1 million people. During this time, Michelle is consistently approached by businesses and individuals craving mentorship in her core areas of expertise.

As a result, Michelle offers bespoke one-to-one coaching to dedicated individuals who have ambition, drive and desire to succeed.

Specifically, she guides on areas including branding, marketing, leadership and innovation. From how to build a brand that works, to using PR to put your business in the spotlight, creating winning products to expanding your distribution network, all the way through to lifestyle guidance on looking and feeling your best.

Michelle Mone Quick Facts

  • Hailing from the impoverished East End of Glasgow, Scotland, Mone built up her lingerie company Ultimo, as a teenage mother, into a £50 million ($74.7 million) empire.
  • Come 2000 Ultimo launches in the US at the Saks Fifth Avenue Store in New York.
  • In 2004 Mone replaced Ultimo face and body Penny Lancaster with Rachel Hunter. The move was dubbed “Bra Wars” by the media.
  • After leaving school with no qualifications, aged 15, Ms Mone worked as a model and for a beer company before deciding to launch her own underwear firm. The fledgling company came close to folding before Ultimo shot to fame when Julia Roberts wore one of their push-up bras in the film Erin Brockovich.
  • After patenting a type of flexible silicon to use in bras, the parent company of Ultimo, MJM International, was born in 1996. Her husband, Michael, joined the board three years later. The rest was history.
  • She shared her parent’s bedroom for many years before her printer father converted a broom cupboard into a tiny bedroom – sawing the end off her bed so it fitted into the cramped space.
  • She features in glossy magazines like Hello regularly, and she fronted a national campaign from British Airways. She was also featured on reality shows “The Apprentice,” “Masterchef,” and “71 Degrees North,” as well as being on political panel shows like “The Agenda,” alongside UK Prime Minister David Cameron.
  • In 2010 Mone was made an OBE at Buckingham Palace. In the same year Ultimo became the first UK lingerie firm to show at New York Fashion Week
  • On Christmas day 2011, Mone’s husband walked out on her. He was having an affair with her designer, Samantha Bunn. The couple divorced in 2013 after an acrimonious battle, during which time Mone says she was driven to “drinking around two bottles of wine a night,” while fighting to save the company.
  • In 2013, after Mone’s marriage collapsed, Ultimo was transferred to joint venture company Ultimo Brands International Ltd, an equal partnership between Michelle Mone and MAS Holdings.
  • Baroness Mone has been the target of criticism and abuse after her daughter took part in a reality TV show in a deprived Glasgow community.
  • Michelle now exercises for one hour a day, wherever she is in the world, eats well and also juices.
  • Design and interiors have long been a big part of Michelle’s success, from the intricate design process of ‘the perfect bra’ with Ultimo, a jewellery range with QVC, to personally renovating the interiors of her own homes.
  • With the launch of her new business, Michelle also revealed her top home interior rips for homeowners looking for a quick and easy sale. Michelle’s first tip is all to do with the colour of the inside of your home. Her second tip is to make sure everything is in fully working order.

For one-to-one coaching, individuals should contact Lady Mone’s private office. For those just needing a bit more guidance or inspiration, keep your eyes peeled for the launch of Connect 2 Michelle Mone, a NEW venture that promises to help you become the ‘Ultimate U’.


Michelle is truly passionate about giving back and, over the years, has partnered with a wealth of charities to raise substantial sums of money and awareness. Lady Michelle Mone OBE has been a long-term supporter of Breast Cancer Care and recently designed a limited edition Charm Bracelet for QVC – with all proceeds going to the charity. This year Lady Michelle Mone OBE will also donate £1 of every pink bra sold during Breast Cancer Awareness month to Breast Cancer Care, which provides information and support for everyone affected by breast cancer.

Founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist John Caudwell, Caudwell Children provide family support services, equipment, treatment and therapies for disabled children and their families across the UK. Lady Michelle Mone OBE sits on the committee and has supported the charity since 2011.

The Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust

In 2001 Prince Charles invited Lady Michelle Mone OBE to join the Board of Directors for The Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust, as part of which she dedicates time to mentoring and supporting young people throughout Scotland every year.

Lady Michelle Mone Biography and Profile (Michelle Mone)

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