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Nicole Galloway, an American politician and member of the Democratic Party, was born June 13, 1982. Sworn in as auditor in April 2015, Nicole’s audits have already shown results for Missouri taxpayers. She has uncovered more than $100 million in waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement, and her audits have changed the way officials around the state do business on behalf of taxpayers. Some of her audits have led to charges filed against a dozen corrupt public officials who abused their power or misspent the funds of elderly and vulnerable citizens.

Other audits have led to repayments to business owners around Missouri, after she identified $20 million being held by the Department of Revenue that belonged to citizens. Nicole has also helped halt the collection of improper fees by municipal courts around the state and led the way to strengthen schools and government offices against cybersecurity attacks.

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Prior to taking office as State Auditor, Nicole served as Boone County Treasurer for four years. As Treasurer, Nicole managed a $100 million investment portfolio and nearly $200 million in annual revenues. She protected the county’s leading bond rating and put its financial strength to use to save taxpayers more than $4.6 million. In the private sector, she audited some of the world’s largest companies, shining a light on their inner workings of Fortune 500 firms to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and accountability while at Shelter Insurance in Columbia and Brown Smith Wallace in Creve Coeur.

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Nicole received a Master of Business Administration from the University of Missouri and degrees in Applied Mathematics and Economics from the Missouri University of Science and Technology. She lives in Columbia with her husband, Jon, and sons, William, Benjamin and Joseph.

As Missouri’s Auditor, Nicole serves as the state’s watchdog, acting as an independent, results-focused voice for Missourians. She has uncovered millions in government waste, fraud, and abuse through hundreds of audits across the state. By using the audit process to create more efficient government, Nicole has improved services for Missourians at the local and state level.

As the mother of three young children, Nicole understands the concerns parents have that their children’s information – or their own – could be compromised in a government data breach. As State Auditor, Nicole has led the charge to protect citizens’ private data by including cybersecurity reviews in her audits. Nicole’s work led the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to stop the unnecessary collection of student Social Security numbers.

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As the state’s independent voice for transparent government, Nicole has undertaken a systematic review of municipal courts around Missouri, ensuring that local government agencies are following the laws they are designed to enforce and are accountable for their resources. Her work has brought to light concerning practices at the local court level and led to the end of improper fees throughout the state.

As a board member for the County Employees’ Retirement Fund, Nicole led efforts to make it among the first public pension funds in Missouri to expand survivor benefits to same-sex married couples. The move had an impact on nearly 16,000 participants in 111 Missouri counties, with benefits in the fund valued at more than $400 million.

“When I see fraud, I will expose it. When I see waste, I will bring it to light. And when I see opportunity, I will seize it to ensure a bright future for all Missourians.” — Nicole Galloway

Nicole Galloway Biography and Profile (Nicole Galloway)

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