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Norbert Hofer Early Life

Norbert Hofer was born on 2nd March 1971 at Vorau in Styria and grew up at Pinkafeld in Burgenland. After taking his A-levels at the Higher Federal Technical Institute for Aeronautics in Eisenstadt he worked as a systems engineer for the Austrian airline “Lauda Air”.

In 2003 his love of aviation revealed itself as a curse. In a paragliding accident he sustained severe backbone injuries and has since been suffering from incomplete paraplegia.

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From 1996 to 2007 Hofer was Provincial Party Secretary of FPÖ Burgenland, since 2006 he has been Deputy Party Chairman. Between 1997 and 2007 he was a member of the Eisenstadt Municipal Council, from 1994 to 2006 he also was City Party Chairman of the FPÖ in Burgenland’s provincial capital – from 2004 to 2010 also as District Chairman.

In 2000 Norbert Hofer moved on to the Freedom Party’s Secretariat in Burgenland of which he remained Director until 2006.After the election to the National Council in 2006 he became a Member of the National Council. In 2005 delegates first elected Norbert Hofer Deputy Party Chairman of the Austrian Freedom Party., a position he is still holding today.

In November 2013 Hofer was elected 3rd President of the National Council. In 2016 he was the Freedom Party’s candidate in the elections for the Federal President. He made it into the run-off which he narrowly lost to Alexander Van der Bellen.

On 18th December 2017 Norbert Hofer was sworn in as Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology.

Norbert Hofer Quick Facts

  1. The 48-year-old former aeronautical engineer who flies small planes as a hobby told Reuters in a 2016 interview he saw U.S. President Donald Trump’s electoral victory as proof that he was on the right track with his populist Austria-first election campaign that included calls to stop immigration.
  2. Like Trump, Hofer sees himself as a nationalist who recognises the concerns of ordinary people ignored by a political establishment. Until now deputy FPO leader, he is one of Austria’s most popular politicians, better liked than the polarising Strache.
  3. Hofer lost a presidential run-off by a mere 31,000 votes against former Greens Party leader Alexander Van der Bellen but got a new chance when the Constitutional Court annulled the result due to counting irregularities, only to lose by a bigger margin.
  4. Photogenic, well-dressed and softly spoken, Hofer has focussed on the refugee crisis, rallying for a ban on what the Freedom Party calls “economic migrants”. He supports the idea of creating what he called “safety areas” outside Europe where asylum requests should be processed.
  5. Hofer, who voted against Austria’s joining the European Union in a 1994 referendum, has backed off from previous calls for an “Oexit” – an Austrian exit from the EU – after it became clear that Austrians largely do not want to follow Britain in choosing to leave the bloc.

Education & Training

1977 – 1981 Elementary school Pinkafeld

1981 – 1985 Hauptschule Pinkafeld, Bundesrealgymnasium Oberschützen

1985 – 1990 Higher Technical College of Flight Engineering, graduation with excellent success

1990 Military service

1991 – 1994 aircraft attendant second and first class, troubleshooting for jet turbines and auxiliary gas turbines; Line Maintenance and Base Maintenance for jet turbines and auxiliary gas turbines, Main Engine Condition Monitoring; Trainer for endoscopic examinations on aircraft engines

1995 – 1999 Training as communication and behavioral trainer

2000 administrative school of the Burgenland provincial government; Service audit for senior accounting and administrative services with excellent success


1990 furnishing consultant and technical draftsman at the Pinkafelder E-Werke; Sales activity at trade fairs

1991 – 1994 Lauda Air Engineering; Systems engineer for engines and auxiliary gas turbines, operations as flight engineer in the context of the Main Engine Condition Monitoring, contract negotiations with technical partners

1994 Organizational Officer of the Ring Freedom Economy

1994 – 1996 campaign manager and organizational officer of FPÖ-Burgenland

1994 – 2006 editor-in-chief of Burgenland News

since 1996 trainer and lecturer of the Freedom Academy and the FPÖ-Bildungsinstitut (rhetoric and communication, behavioral technology, local group management, environmental and energy policy, green genetic engineering, programmatic and program development)

1996 – 2000 Press Secretary of the Provincial Council – Government Office

2000 – 2006 Club Director of the Freedom Landtag Club

2010 – 2011 Burgenland Provincial Government – Social Controlling;
Supervisory Board Mapjet AG

2010 – 2014 Chairman of the Board PAF-Privatstiftung

2011 – 2012 Supervisory Board International Sky Services AG

Previous Activities

1994 – 2006 city party chairman of the FPÖ in Eisenstadt

1996 – 2007 State Party Secretary of FPÖ-Burgenland

1997 – 2002 club chairman in the Eisenstadt city council

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1997 – 2007 Town Council in Eisenstadt

2004 – 2009 District Party Chairman of the FPÖ in the district Eisenstadt-Umgebung

2008 – 2012 Vice President of the Austrian Civil Association Burgenland

2006 – 2013 Deputy club chairman in the parliamentary club of the FPÖ

2011 – 2013 Member of the Energy Advisory Council according to the Energy-Control Law

2009 – 2017 Member of the Austrian Council for Voluntary Work

2006 – 2017 Deputy Party Chairman of FPÖ-Burgenland

2007 member of the Federal Disability Advisory Board

2010 – 2017 Member of the Board Eurosolar Austria

2011 – 2015 Federal Association for Renewable Energy – Member of the Advisory Board

2008 – 2015 Member of the Austrian Environment Council – Deputy Chairman

2013 – 2017 Third President of the National Council

Other Jobs

since 1994 member of the State Party Executive Board of FPÖ-Burgenland

since 1996 Member of the State Party Presidency of the FPÖ-Burgenland

since 1996 member of the FPÖ federal party leadership

since 2005 Vice-Party Chairman of the FPÖ, member of the Federal Party Presidium and the Federal Party Executive Board

since 2007 board member of the Freedom Education Institute

since 18.12.2017 Federal Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology

Committee Activities

In the National Council in the XXIII. GP

2008 Deputy Chairman Family Committee

2006 – 2008 Secretary of the Environment Committee

2006 – 2008 Member of the Committee on Labor and Social Affairs

2006 – 2008 Member of the Committee for Research, Innovation and Technology

2006 – 2008 Member of the Consumer Protection Committee

2006 – 2008 Member of the Human Rights Committee

2006 – 2008 Member of Health Committee

2006 – 2008 Member of the Environment Committee

2006 – 2008 Member of the Scientific Committee

2008 Member Subcommittee of the Scientific Committee

In the National Council in the XXIV

2008 – 2010 Chairman Permanent Subcommittee of the Court of Auditors

2008 – 2013 Deputy Chairman of the Environment Committee

2008 – 2013 Secretary Family Committee

2008 – 2013 Member of the Committee on Labor and Social Affairs

2008 – 2013 Member Committee on Research, Innovation and Technology

2008 – 2013 Member of Health Committee

2009 – 2013 Member of the Constitutional Committee

2012 – 2013 Member Subcommittee of the Constitutional Committee

In the National Council in the XXV. GP

2013 – 2017 Chief Representative Main Committee

2013 – 2017 Chief Observer Permanent Subcommittee of the Main Committee

2013 – 2017 Vice Chairman of the Rules Committee

2013 – 2017 Secretary Committee for Labor and Social Affairs

2013 – 2015 Secretary of the Environment Committee

12/2014 – 9/2015 Member / Chairman

Enquete Commission on strengthening democracy in Austria

02 / 2015-10 / 2016 Chairman HYPO-committee of inquiry

Member of the Board of Trustees

2013 – 2017 Member of the Board of Trustees of the Margaretha Lupac Foundation

2013 – 2017 Member of the Board of Trustees of the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism

2013 – 2017 Member of the Board of Trustees of the General Settlement Fund for Victims of National Socialism

Knights of St. George’s Order (investiture in October 2015 by Karl Habsburg-Lorraine)

Honorary member of the Pennalie Marko-Germania to Pinkafeld

Member of the Brotherhood St. Christoph


Energy and food, corporate dictatorship or self-determination
Norbert Hofer (ed.), DI Dietrich Wertz, Michael Howanietz, 2nd edition, Vienna 2009

Only self-procured means sovereign
Norbert Hofer (ed.), Michael Howanietz, Vienna 2011, ISBN 978-3-902720-07-8

Handbook of Freedom Politics – a guide for leaders and mandate holders of the Austrian Freedom Party
FPÖ Education Institute, 4th edition, Vienna 2013

Life after paraplegia. Guide for disabled and dependent people
Norbert Hofer (ed.), 4th edition, Vienna 2014, ISBN 978-3-902720-84

Energy and Food – Fundamentals of Freedom
Norbert Hofer (ed.), DI Dietrich Wertz, Michael Howanietz, Vienna 2015


Norbert Hofer is married and has four children.

  • Norbert Hofer Biography and Profile (Norbert Hofer)

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