Ray Emodi Biography and Profile

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Ray Emodi Early Life

Ray Emodi is an actor, producer, songwriter and musician. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Nottingham Trent University in Business Management and a Master of Fine Arts (acting) from the New York Film Academy (LA branch). I think my experiences; I have had very unique and different experiences. The way I grew up, I grew up obsessed with music, movies and cartoons as a kid. I spent my time just visualising stories, I would get these stories in my head all the time, till now I still get stories and melodies in my head.’ Then I moved to Nottingham and I met a lot of great people and I also met a lot of bad people, it was a great experience. And then Los Angeles. Los Angeles had the biggest impact on me. I learnt a whole lot from Los Angeles.

Ray Emodi Biography and Profile

Ray Emodi, the multi-talented Nigerian singer, actor and writer, grew up in Nigeria. Ray Emodi is known for You Don’t Say (2014), Animus (2015), Heaven on My Mind, Hook Line And Sinker, Happy Endings. Actor and singer, Ray Emodi, has interpreted many romantic roles in his acting career. Emodi, who has acted alongside Zack Orji, Tina Mba, IK Ogbonna and others, said his experience with ladies helps him to play romantic roles.

Maintaining that he has a good relationship with his female fans, he said, “My female fans are well behaved. Though I had an experience with one who used my picture on her Instastory and her friends asked her if we were in a relationship.”

Ray Emodi was applauded for his exceptional role in “A daughter’s dilemma and God’s Own Villa (2013), which in turn earned him credibility and recommendations. His love for entertainment goes beyond acting. He is also a singer and has songs like; “Night-Time” his debut single.

Ray Emodi Education and Training

He studied Business Management and International Strategic Enterprise at the Nottingham Trent University, England. While trying to go professional, he furthered his interest by going to the New York Film Academy (LA Branch) to perfect his skills.


You would have to say that Wizkid is number one when it comes to African music presently. He is the biggest name and the biggest face in the African music industry because now, the western world has recognised him as an artist, so he works with them now on a level playing field. He just released a song called Shaba with Chris Brown, Trey Songz and French Montana. He did a song called ‘One Dance’ with Drake, that was number one for about 9-10 weeks and he helped write the song; so Wizkid is definitely number one. So, that is someone I look up to.

Ray Emodi Musical Career and Acting

It is a fusion, because what we do is that we look up to the western world. That is the truth. We get things from the western world, trends from the western world; so, when you bring products from the western world and you Nigerianize it with what you say on it. I speak Igbo within the first two lines of my single, I spoke Igbo because I like using language that my people would understand in my songs.

Music-wise, my fans should expect a lot of fun music and then real music. My ‘Night Time’ and ‘Would You’ songs are like pop songs that have global appeal because I try to make songs for the world and not just for my neighbourhood, I am trying to reach everybody. My fans should expect two things; first, songs that they can dance to; second, songs that make them think. I am going to be honest with my music, anything I say is true.

I spent a lot of time and money learning acting, moved to LA to learn acting which is probably the most expensive place to live in the US and probably one of the most expensive places to live in the world. It is also a passion for me, I love acting, it’s just working with literally beautiful, talented and driven people. I actually wrote, produced and directed a short film called “You don’t say”. This was in LA and it was supposed to be a comedic web series coming out every week.

‘You Don’t Say’

Ray Emodi’s role as Parker Stone in the film ‘You Don’t Say’ is one that puts his incredible comedic skills on display for the masses. A film which Ray also wrote and directed, ‘You Don’t Say’ follows two stoned kids in the hood who, after failing to pay back a heavy-hitting drug dealer named Big Mac are given the option of dying for their debt, or taking on a day of errands on behalf of the ruthless dealer. They choose the errands obviously, and as a result they find themselves in a long list of unusual situations that lend for a great comedy.

‘God’s Own Villa’

Ray plays a much heavier role as the lead in ‘God’s Own Villa,’ a film by award-winning director Omar Monge. Ray’s character, a depressed agoraphobic who spends most of his time alone in a dark apartment browsing the internet and making artsy scribbles on the walls, is coerced to leave his house after meeting a girl on the world wide web. Ray’s portrayal of the struggle one faces when dealing with a phobia most outsiders do not understand was so impeccable that the film was chosen as an Official Selection at the Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival.

‘Lies Hidden in the Truth’

Ray is a highly skilled and well-trained performer whose ability to play a myriad of characters exists without limitation. In the action-packed thriller ‘Lies Hidden in the Truth’ Ray plays Mr. K, a methodical leader of an assassin’s organization who gets the job done every time. The film, which was written and directed by famous Beverly Hills 90210 director Gilbert Shilton, is a masterpiece that pits action alongside mental manipulation and deceit.

Ray Emodi Romance and Movie Roles

“I have dated all kinds of girls, so whenever I get a romantic role, I pull from my experience almost all the time. That helps. When my future wife asks about my body count, I would tell her I was doing it to get experience for my acting.”

Ray Emodi Female Fans

Ray Emodi said: “My female fans are well behaved. Though I had an experience with one who used my picture on her Instastory and her friends asked her if we were in a relationship.”

Ray Emodi Nollywood Challenges

On what he considers his biggest challenge in Nollywood, Ray Emodi said, “The biggest challenge in Nollywood is that we can’t shoot with the air conditioner on. A lot of sweating goes on while shooting. When we eventually end a scene, there are people coming to you to clean the sweat. But in all, I believe the movies are getting better.”

Ray Emodi Role Models

Senator Joy Emodi is a role model. I don’t know if she has ever said this in any interview and she has done so many interviews. But there was a point in her life, I think she was pregnant and she was in law school and she had a fashion house with people working for her; she would go to Anambra, Onitsha I think, to go and buy materials herself. She was pregnant while doing this and still made it through law school.

When she gave birth to us she was still hustling, she tried to make it in politics which is also a saturated market. You have children, you are a woman; so when you come, they look at you as a woman and there is another man that wants the same job that you want and they might think that this other man might be more credible than you, this is the impulsive response to seeing a woman and she made it in spite of all those challenges.

I am in a saturated market, I am in the music industry but when I look at what my mother did, it inspires me and I know that I can make it too and that is why when I talk I don’t say if I make it but when I make it, this and that would happen, not this may happen. She is a driven woman, she is strong, she is stronger than me and with time I hope to be as strong as she is. She always advises me, she drives me to become great, so I love that woman.

Ray Emodi Movies

  • You Don’t Say (2014)
  • God’s Own Villa (2013)
  • Animus (2015)
  • Heaven on My Mind
  • Hook Line And Sinker
  • Happy Endings

Ray Emodi Awards

City People Movie Award for Revelation of the Year (English).

Ray Emodi A Top Talent

Ray Emodi is a one-of-a-kind talent who has wowed audiences from both stage and screen, and shows no signs of stopping.

Ray Emodi Family

Ray Emodi Mother: Joy Emodi (Senator Joy Emodi)

Ray Emodi Biography and Profile

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