Snoop Dogg Biography
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Snoop Dogg Biography

Bio Synopsis

Snoop Dogg, multi-platinum artist, actor, philanthropist and entertainment icon Snoop Dogg was born 20 October 1971. Snoop Dogg collaborated with artists across all genres of music and defines music history. His most recent album (2018), Snoop Dogg Presents Bible Of Love, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Charts and his first offering in the Gospel music genre. Here’s Snoop Dogg Biography and Profile. Read more

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Snoop Dogg Early Life

Multi-platinum artist, actor, philanthropist and entertainment icon Snoop Dogg, born 20 October 1971, is at the forefront of popular culture with award-winning albums and songs, hit television shows, films, lifestyle products, philanthropic efforts, and digital ventures. Snoop Dogg has reigned for more than two decades as an unparalleled musical force who has raised the bar as an entertainer and globally recognized innovator. Since 1993, Snoop Dogg has released 17 studio albums, sold over 35 million albums worldwide, reached No. 1 on Billboard charts and received nearly 20 GRAMMY® nominations. He’s set records with his seminal album Doggystyle, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart and sold over 800,000 copies in the first week. Throughout his career, Snoop’s produced chart-topping hits including “Gin & Juice,” “Who Am I? (What’s My Name?),” “Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang,” “Next Episode,” “Beautiful,” “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” “Signs,” “Sensual Seduction” and “I Wanna Rock.”

Snoop Dogg collaborated with artists across all genres of music and defines music history. His most recent album (2018), Snoop Dogg Presents Bible Of Love, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Charts and his first offering in the Gospel music genre.

Snoop Dogg Biography and Profile

Snoop Dogg was born 20 October 1971. As a performer, Snoop has toured the world and performed for millions of fans throughout his lucrative career. Snoop Dogg’s performance highlights, include his headlining performance at the 2012 Coachella Festival, where he brought out the the notorious Tupac hologram. In 2014, Snoop had the honor of performing at the White House Kennedy Center Honors to celebrate jazz legend, Herbie Hancock, in front of an esteemed audience, including President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

A multi-faceted entertainer, Snoop performs worldwide as a DJ under the name DJ Snoopadelic, where he has been tearing up festivals and clubs around the world for years. Snoop Dogg aka DJ Snoopadelic was the first hip hop performer to secure a Las Vegas residency.

Snoop Dogg Acting Career

In addition to his extensive work in music, Snoop has acted and appeared in numerous films, including Beach Bum (currently in production), Soul Plane, Starsky & Hutch, Half Baked and the Oscar® winning drama Training Day, among others. The artist’s voice has also been featured in the animated films Turbo and Hotel Transylvania and such shows as King of the Hill, Futurama, and The Cleveland Show. As a producer through his company Snoopadelic Films, Snoop Dogg has produced Mac & Devin Go to High School, Hood of Horror, Down for Life, Malice N Wonderland, and Reincarnated (in conjunction with VICE Films).

From Crook to Cook

Snoop Dogg recently announced his first cookbook, From Crook to Cook, in partnership with Chronicle Books. The irreverent cookbook is available in October 2018 and features 50 of the legendary Snoop Dogg’s all-time favorite recipes straight from his personal collection. Snoop Dogg first showed the world his cooking chops when he guest-starred on Martha Stewart’s show, Martha, in 2008. The dynamic duo currently appear in their Emmy-nominated Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party on VH1.

WestFestTV YouTube Channel

Snoop Dogg has also positioned himself as a savvy and forward-thinking leading in the tech space. In 2008, Snoop started his wildly popular WestFestTV YouTube channel, which is home to his notorious GGN News weekly series and has featured interviews with top celebrities from Jimmy Kimmel to Seth Rogen and Kendrick Lamar. He has broken records on social media for his enormous fanbase and engaging content.

Snoop Dogg’s Community Work

Snoop Dogg’s commitment and passion for community work is commendable. In 2005, he established the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL) to provide children between the ages of five and thirteen the opportunity to participate in youth football and cheer. A 501c3 non-profit organization, the SYFL teaches kids the values of teamwork, good sportsmanship, self-respect discipline, and academics.

Throughout the years, the SYFL program has coached thousands of kids and many of the SYFL players have gone on to play football in college and in the National Football League (NFL). The SYFL has grown to include a total of 10,000 participants, including football players and cheerleaders. Since its inception, Snoop Dogg has personally coached a team of players during each SYFL football season.

Snoop Dogg Apologizes to Gayle King

After having a talk with his mother, Snoop Dogg issued a pubic apology to Gayle King for blowing up on her over her interview mentioning rape allegations against Kobe Bryant. Susan Rice tore into Snoop Dogg more specifically, tweeting his video and writing:

“This is despicable. Gayle King is one of the most principled, fair and tough journalists alive. Snoop, back the **** off. You come for Gayle King, you come against an army. You will lose, and it won’t be pretty.”

He came under fire as well from Hollywood personalities like Amber Tamblyn (“Shame on you, Snoop. A dog-head b—-? Really? To Gayle King, one of our most beloved women and journalists? You just lost a fan and I hope you lose a lot more for this”) and Rose McGowan (“Snoop & others it’s time to stop terrorizing Gayle King … Truth hurts. Death hurts. Grow the f— up”).

Snoop Dogg’s attempt to atone Wednesday extended to a caption he included with his latest Instagram post, in which he attributed his change of heart and manner to his mother. “Had a talk with my momma. Thank u mamma… 2 wrongs don’t make it right… time to heal … @gayleking Peace n love… Praying for u and your family as well as Vanessa and the kids.”

Snoop Dogg posted a message on Instagram on Wednesday (Feb. 12).

“Two wrongs don’t make no right. When you’re wrong, you gotta fix it,” he said in his latest Instagram video, which included a subtitled transcription to make sure no one missed his message amid the glitchy audio. “So with that being said, Gayle King, I publicly tore you down by coming at you in a derogatory manner based off of emotions, me being angry at questions that you asked. Um, (I) overreacted. Should have handled it way different from that. I was raised way better than that. So I would like to apologize to you publicly for the language that I used and calling you out of your name and just being disrespectful.”

“I didn’t mean for it to be like that. I was just expressing myself for a friend that wasn’t here to defend himself” — meaning Kobe Bryant. “A lot of people look up to me and they love me and they appreciate me, so I want to let them know that anytime you mess up, it’s okay to fix it. It’s okay to man up and say that you’re wrong. I apologize. Hopefully we can sit and talk — privately. Have a good day.”

Snoop Dogg Legacy

Snoop Dogg defines entertainment history.

Snoop Dogg Awards

Snoop Dogg has also made his mark in the television space, including being nominated for an Emmy Award for his role as Executive Producer and Co-Host of VH1’s hit show, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner, Executive Producer of MTV’s Mary + Jane, Executive Producer and Host of TNT’s game show, Joker’s Wild and Executive Producer of acclaimed Netflix’s show, Coach Snoop.

Snoop Dogg Family

Snoop Dogg Wife

Shante Broadus.

Snoop Dogg Children

Snoop Dogg fathered his first son, Cordé Broadus, at the young age of 22 with his high school girlfriend, Shante Taylor. Three years after that, Cordell was born. The year after that, Snoop had another son with Laurie Holmond named Julian Corrie Broadus. And finally, his last child was born in 1999, a daughter by the name of Cori. In total, there are four ‘Snoop Dogg children’, and in 2015 Snoop became a grandfather, with his eldest son, Cordé, fathering a child with his girlfriend, Jessica Kyzer.

Snoop Dogg Net worth

Snoop Dogg is worth US $124 million (2017).

Snoop Dogg Biography and Profile

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