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Martin McGuinness (James Martin Pacelli McGuinness), was born on 23 May 1950. McGuinness’ middle name was after Pope Pius XII. Martin McGuinness was the IRA leader who became a peace negotiator – a committed Irish republican who ended up shaking hands with the Queen. Together with Gerry Adams, he was the main republican architect of the move towards a political solution to Northern Ireland’s problems. Here’s Martin McGuinness Biography and Profile.buy cenforce 100mg

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Gerry Adams, Irish Republican Politician, President of Sinn Féin, was born in West Belfast on 6 October 1948 into a family with close ties to both the trade union and republican movements. His father, Gerry senior, had been shot while taking part in an IRA attack on a police patrol in 1942 and was subsequently imprisoned. Here’s Gerry Adams Biography and Profile.buy cenforce 150 mg with credit card

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Arlene Foster, was born Arlene Kelly on 3 July 1970. Foster has plenty of experience of unlikely political marriages, having spent years in coalition government with unionism’s long term political opponents, Sinn Féin. Read Arlene Foster Biography and Profile.buy cenforce 50 mg