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Raheem Sterling, an English professional footballer was born on 8 December 1994, Jamaica. Raheem Sterling had a difficult start to life, moving from Jamaica to England as a two-year-old after his father died from gun violence. He was first discovered playing in north-west London by QPR, where his ability and reputation grew to the extent that he was said to be on the verge of a first-team call up at the age of 15 before Liverpool swooped to take him to Anfield. Read Raheem Shaquille Sterling Biography and Profile. Read more

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Emiliano Sala was born on 31 October 1990 in the small rural community of Cululu in the Santa Fe province, about 340 miles north west of Buenos Aires. Among the top five goalscorers in Ligue 1 this season, Sala netted 12 times at better than a goal every two games. Read Emiliano Sala Biography and Profile. Read more

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Gordon Banks born 12 February 2019, was one of the greatest goalkeepers of his or any other generation and he will forever be remembered for his heroic part in England’s triumphant 1966 World Cup campaign that culminated in the famous 4-2 victory over West Germany at Wembley in the final. Continue reading Gordon Banks Biography and Profile. Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo Biography - Portugal

Born on February 5, 1985, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is a Portuguese football superstar who has set records while playing for the Manchester United and Real Madrid clubs. Read Cristiano Ronaldo Biography. Read more