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National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre is one of the most recognizable faces, and one of the country’s most vocal gun rights advocates. LaPierre made a fundamental decision: to stand tough. Ever since, his defenses of NRA language, his condemnation of any compromises on gun legislation, and his statements in the wake of mass shootings have been unflinching, with one exception: in the aftermath of the deadly Las Vegas shooting, LaPierre and the head of the NRA’s legal arm issued a call for a review of whether bump stock devices — which were used in the shooting — are lawful, and said that the NRA believes they “should be subject to additional regulations.” Wayne LaPierre has served as the executive vice president and chief executive officer of the National Rifle Association of America since 1991. Wayne Robert LaPierre Biography and Profile.

Wayne Robert LaPierre Biography and Profile

Wayne Robert LaPierre, Jr. born on 8 November 1949, is an American gun rights activist. LaPierre currently serves as the Chief Executive and Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association. Wayne Robert LaPierre, Jr., is a reanimated piece of festering shit and executive vice president of the experiment in mass sociopathy called the National Rifle Association. LaPierre was born on November 8, 1949 to a flatulent hippopotamus and its dilated anus.

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After a lonely childhood spent mostly as a fecal culture in a petri dish, LaPierre grew into a more or less humanoid shape with ambulatory and vocal capabilities. Psychologists surmise from the mental mildew and sociopathic personality he suffers from as an adult that sometime in early childhood he was forced to watch his mother pegging his father with the strapped-on barrel of a .22-caliber hunting rifle, leading the young LaPierre to his lifelong sexual fixation on firearms and inflicting sadistic harm.

One forensic psychologist’s report hypothesized, “As a child, Wayne appears to have compensated for the dysfunction of his parents by fostering an interest in vivisection and watching Faces of Death as he fell asleep.”1 LaPierre’s family moved often, leaving in their wake a string of neighborhoods plagued by arson and missing household pets.

His high school years at Slaughter-of-the-Innocents Academy were friendless and uneventful, though he found his calling after taking an AP course in Rhetorical Apoplexy that led him to establish the prestigious Frother Society, where he was both its sole member as well as its president, bestowing upon himself the organization’s highest honor, the Gnasher Award. LaPierre graduated Sigmoid Cum Loudly, an obscure distinction scrawled in his own childish handwriting on his diploma.

His thesis, entitled, “American Abattoir: A Vision for Tomorrow”, was withdrawn when it was discovered that large parts were copied directly from the Book of Revelations, other parts from a Fleet enema user’s manual from 1918, and still other parts from author Doyne Nickerson’s, “365 Ways to Cook Hamburger”.

After college, LaPierre became a government activist and lobbyist, fiercely representing a variety of foundations and industries: The American Society for the Advancement of Anal Warts, The John Wilkes Booth Foundation, and the Fried Smegma Cheese Curd Manufacturers Association.

In 1977, during an organizational coup of the NRA leadership by right wing fanatics in the John Birch Society, LaPierre was hired by the organization as their chief Toddler Slaughter Advocate. He soon advanced to the department of Victim Mockery Operations.

In 1991, LaPierre was promoted to Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association. He has enjoyed great successes in building the wealth of the American gun industry, using a signature combination of fraudulent science espoused by his scatplay partner John Lott, stoking paranoia in the cerebrally challenged, spreading flagrant white nationalist propaganda, propagating idiotic sexist misconceptions about rape and sexual property, and a brazen disregard for facts or empathy.

His successes are apparent in the rise of gun extremism, the ubiquity of such brain-dead slogans as “guns don’t kill people, people do,” and the election of the NRA’s biggest investment, the Putin toe-nibbler currently inhabiting the Oval Office.

Wayne Robert LaPierre Key Records

For more than two decades, Wayne has led the NRA through a period of unprecedented membership growth and political clout in defense of our Second Amendment rights. This increased power has been directed to the benefit of NRA members and gun owners. In large part because of Wayne’s leadership, Right-to-Carry is now the law in more than 40 states. All 50 states have enacted laws to protect shooting ranges and all 50 passed legislation to protect hunters from harassment.

As a skilled hunter, from Chesapeake waterfowl to African Cape buffalo, Wayne understands the key role hunters play in wildlife conservation. Over the years, he has led NRA efforts to preserve the integrity of the PittmanRobertson Act, spearheaded NRA programs for young shooters and hunters, and fought for the access of sportsmen and women—including the disabled—to public lands for hunting. As NRA’s principal spokesperson, Wayne is regularly quoted, debated and interviewed on the nation’s most influential television networks, cable programs, radio shows and in national and global newspapers and magazines.

With a visionary understanding of the vital role of communications in spreading a message of Second Amendment freedom, Wayne has worked to ensure that NRA remains on the cutting edge of communications technology. To this end he established NRATV, offering the world’s most comprehensive coverage of Second Amendment issues.

NRATV now broadcasts 24/7, bringing live news, commentary and lifestyle coverage on a wide range of Second Amendment topics, all managed by professional journalists, to report issues related to the Second Amendment directly to NRA members and the American public.

To promote the enjoyment of the shooting sports and the fun of safe firearms use, Wayne launched NRA Sports. Hundreds of thousands of new shooters and gun owners have been reached through the program, and today, more people take part in the shooting sports than those who fish, golf or play soccer. Wayne is also a successful author. His latest book, The Global War on Your Guns: Inside the U.N. Plan to Destroy the Bill of Rights, exposes the worldwide movement to undermine and destroy American firearm freedoms.

His previous books include Guns, Freedom and Terrorism; Shooting Straight; and Guns, Crime and Freedom, which reached #11 on The New York Times best-seller list in 1994. Wayne’s commitment to preserving Second Amendment freedoms extends to those safeguarded by the First Amendment. He has been a key strategist in opposing congressional efforts to restrict the ability of Americans to express their views during elections and is committed to the restoration and preservation of free speech for all Americans.

Backed by NRA’s 5 million active members, Wayne has led NRA’s efforts to restore the relevance and sanctity of the Second Amendment. Today, this right continues to be preserved by freedom’s largest, strongest and most devoted grassroots organization.

Not everyone has been amused by LaPierre’s sharp tongue, however. LaPierre’s statement about ATF agents involved in the Ruby Ridge and Waco assaults being “jackbooted thugs” led former President George H.W. Bush, a lifetime member of the NRA, to resign his membership in 1995.

Five years later, even Charlton Heston — the NRA’s president at the time and perhaps its most beloved spokesman ever — called LaPierre’s statement “extreme rhetoric” after LaPierre said President Bill Clinton would tolerate a certain amount of killing if it meant strengthening the case for gun control.

Wayne LaPierre’s critics have called him a lot of things in the past few months including a lunatic, crazy, a gun nut. As an outspoken gun-rights lobbyist, LaPierre has faced heavy scrutiny for his defense of firearm ownership in the aftermath of a recent string of mass shootings.

“I’m still standing, unapologetic and unflinching. They can call me crazy or anything else they want. It’s as if insanity itself has been sequestered in Washington. They call me crazy, and yet the people doing the finger-pointing are saying things that are absolutely bizarre.” – Wayne LaPierre.

Wayne Robert LaPierre Biography and Profile (Wayne LaPierre / NRA)

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